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Conduction, Convention, Radiation are the three (3) modes of heat transfer which affects our lives. thru the heat it generates. Radiation accounts for 75% of the excess heat to the building and 25% comes from conduction and convention.


Citifoam is widely used in civil construction as a thermal insulation in slabs on the waterproofing layer, under roofs such as double walls and partitions, cold water tanks, refrigeration chambers, air-conditioning ducts etc. It has excellent resistance to compression and low moisture absorption.


Flexible ducts (also known as flex) are typically made of flexible plastic over a metal wire coil to shape a tube. Flexible duct is very convenient for attaching supply air outlets to the rigid ductwork. It is commonly attached with long zip ties or metal band claps. Flexible ducts can speed installation by reducing the number of joints in a run and eliminating the need for elbows and offsets.

Heat Block

HeatBlock is the easiest way of solving the heat and sound problem, just put it on the top of ceiling system. It is very safe, It is fire resistant material and highly effective. No need of any fixing accessories.

Kelvins Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is a non-metallic, inorganic product manufactured from a carefully controlled mix of raw materials, mainly comprising either stone or silica which are heated to a high temperature until molten. The molten glass or stone is then spun and formed into a flexible, fibrous mat for further processing into finished products


K-FLEX is a manufacturing company specialising in the production of thermal and acoustic elastomeric insulation materials. The company has production facilities and subsidiary networks around the globe in order to supply their products to a worldwide customer base. Its diversified product range provides solutions for various market sectors, including building, transportation, petrochemical and renewable energy.


Sunlight Description

About Us

In mid December of 2004, a set of young technical and dynamic professionals with a great visions, put up a Company that would cater a Globally Quality Standard Building construction materials which is safe, enviroment friendly, proven and trust. Thermac Insulation was born; it derives from a word Thermac which is a study of heat and Acoustic a study of sounds. On the following years we had been recognized and trusted by well known Architectural and Engineering Companies in Philippines. Thermac served more than projects and continuously upgrading the line of Insulation supplies. Our major products are KELVINS Mineral Wool (Glasswool) (Rockwool) (Ceramicwool), AEROFOIL Reflective, SOVA Acoustic Decorative Panel, FLEXILITE Flexible Duct, Aerofoam Rubber Insulation, SUNLITE Thermoplast and CITIFOAM.

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